Nobody’s Perfect


Tonight, my sixteen-year-old brother informed me that Hannah Montana is his fiancée. I was forced to enlighten him with three truths: 1) Hannah Montana is not a real person; 2) Miley Cyrus is a little old for him; and 3) Unfortunately, Miley Cyrus is already engaged to another man. He was not convinced. We then commenced a short bonding session involving American pop and R&B music. I am pretty sure that all of Bokito is acquainted with Rihanna, while very few have heard of The Beatles.


Another thing I learned tonight is that my host mother likes Barack Obama simply because he is African American. She said to me: “J’aime Barack Obama, parce qu’il est mon frère. Il est noir.” (I like Barack Obama because he is my brother. He is black.) She does not know who Mitt Romney is, but she knows that there is a presidential election coming up in November. I guess I know who would have her vote…


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