A play-by-play of what happens when it rains and I am dans ma maison


  1. My brothers inform me that it is (indeed) raining. C’est vrai??
  2. My brothers shut the windows.
  3. One of my brothers turns off the television.
  4. My eldest younger brother, Guy, jumps up for no apparent reason.
  5. Guy sits back down and finishes eating.
  6. Alain and Justin run out of the house to retrieve the pots and benches.
  7. Guy leaves the room.
  8. Alain and Justin return.
  9. Guy Pascal climbs into his mother’s lap.
  10. Junior gets up to put his jacket on because it is apparently cold in the house (“Il fait froid!”).
  11. I smile because I enjoy the cool breeze.
  12. Guy comes out of his room wearing only shorts and holding an umbrella.
  13. Guy runs out of the house and returns to the doorway with his now wet clothes.
  14. Guy attempts to close his umbrella, while Junior watches, holding Guy’s clothes.
  15. Guy wrings out his clothes.
  16. Everyone says good night and goes to bed. Before 9pm.
  17. I brush my teeth in the rain.
  18. Upon returning to my room, I discover water dripping from my ceiling.
  19. I replace my wet backpack with my bucket.
  20. I lie in bed typing this while hoping that the ceiling drip does not develop into a full-fledged flood.
  21. I text my friend Kathleen, who assures me that she will notify the Coast Guard if I do not show up for school the next day.
  22. It continues to rain.

Two hours later, my ceiling continues to drip, but no Coast Guard alert has yet been issued.


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