Probably + Problematic = Probablematic



Life as a PCT is always strange and often comes with new experiences and difficulties. My two younger brothers have had coughs for several weeks and last night, I watched my mother prepare a different kind of cough medicine. She grated ginger, then mixed the liquid that was produced with citron honey. It was a brown-ish concoction, and my brothers did not look too thrilled to drink it. I have also seen my mother put something that looks like mud on the sides of my brother’s face, I think for the flu? It is difficult to say, as they never know the exact diagnoses. My mother usually just says “he is sick”, or “he has the flu.” It seems as though the health center is only used when an illness is thought to be severe.


Later in the night, when trying to open up my foot locker (the padlock on my trunk), I discovered that it would not open; it was jammed. I was planning on washing my clothes today and will be leaving tomorrow for our field trip and all of my clean clothes are in that trunk… As you can see, it was probably problematic. I asked Kathleen to bring the spare key the next day and if that didn’t work, the jaws of life might have been necessary. This morning, it poured for four hours, so I instead employed the help of my host father and eldest younger brother Guy. My host father began with a machete, which produced sparks and was most definitely not effective. The second tool utilized was a bent fork, and the third was one of my bobby pins. Magic came with the rusty pliers, which de-jammed (is that a word?) the padlock. My host father went to put it back on, but was interrupted by my “NOOOOOOOO!!!”


After the padlock debacle/miracle, my host father brought out the American coins I had given to my brothers when I had first arrived. He asked how much they were worth in Cameroon, and after receiving my response of “basically nothing,” he gave them back because he had no use for them. Ouch.


Later this morning, my host brother Guy helped me with my laundry. My 20-year-old brother washed my laundry. Figure it out.


For lunch, we cut vegetables for an hour, then made spaghetti. I sat half in the sun, half out. I got a gruesome sunburn on my left side. Fun times.


And that was my probablematic less-than-24-hours.


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