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Here is what I know about my post so far:


Village: Misaje

Region: Northwest

Languages: Pidgin and English

Population: 15,390

Religions: Islam and Christianity

Water: Yes, but irregular

Electricity: No

Host Institution: Medicalized Health Center

Ethnicities: Nchani, Mbessa, Wimbum, Banso, Fulani, Hausa, Bum, Mbembe, Noni

Schools: Private and public high schools and primary schools

Landscape: Hilly and mountainous

Climate: Very cool climate

Transportation: Mainly by moto

Site expectations: PCV will support the daily work at the health center and out, sensitizing community members on different health issues identified; help with outreach activities

Distance to Bamenda (regional capital): 200km, 5 hours during the dry season


I will be working with at least one of Peace Corps Cameroon’s Community Health goals involving HIV/AIDS, malaria and water sanitation, and maternal and child health.


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