Almost Like Tarzan

Nkongsamba, Littoral. If you come to Cameroon you must go there. On April 23rd, we visited Ekom Falls, featured in 1984’s “Greystroke – The Legend of Tarzan.” Three out of the five of us made it down the rocky slope to the water below. I had help from two of our moto taxi drivers the entire way down and back up. The rocks were terribly slippery and I took my shoes off halfway down and my bare feet suffered through the rest of the climb. I seriously thought I was going to die – slipping and cracking my head open is not the way I would have wanted to leave this world and I am grateful to the moto drivers that it didn’t turn out to be. My legs became covered in mud and the mist from the waterfall soaked my clothes completely through, but I made it down! Of course, as soon as I made it down, Michael and Jake, who had been waiting for me for some time, decided it was time to go back up. I barely had a break. I’m thankful to Gillian for inviting me to her post in Nkongsamba and taking me to see the waterfall. I believe it’s the tallest waterfall in Cameroon; at least, it’s the tallest I’ve seen. It was great to have one last day with Lacie, who will be leaving Cameroon this week to pursue medical school. She and Michael had just climbed Mount Cameroon the few days before, so they were real troopers for hiking the waterfall with us.

*The internet here is not cooperating so unfortunately I cannot post a photo of the falls right now. Check out my photos on Facebook (if we’re friends).

Update: Photo!

Ekom Falls

Ekom Falls outside of Nkongsamba, Littoral April 22, 2013


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